make me iconic

make me iconic tea towel - wizz fizz


The adults of today have grown up with Wizz Fizz in their lives since 1947. Those iconic little bags of sherbet were a stable at every Milk Bar or Birthday Party. With a lick of your tongue and with THAT handy little spoon - you instantly feel the fizz. It's true, you probably should not have Wizz Fizz every day, because it's all about moderation these days. But on special celebrations, no party is complete without that little spoonful of sugar.

Printed on a 50% Linen & 50% Cotton tea towel

Finished flat size 45cm (W) x 66cm (L)

These tea towels are hand-folded, and then beautifully tied with string and a Make Me Iconic tag

Designed in Australia & printed locally in Melbourne

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