make me iconic tea towel - aeroplane jelly


Aeroplane Jelly is part of Aussie kids childhood culture. The word "jelly" is never said in our house, it's always the two distinctive words "Aeroplane Jelly" which must mean it is ingrained into our minds and our hearts. Aeroplane Jelly might have also been your first cooking lesson with Mum when you were looking for something to do in the kitchen. There is always a pack at the back of the cupboard, ready to make a fun afternoon treat and learning to be patient while waiting for the jelly to actually set. Summer days and Aeroplane Jelly go hand-in-hand like thongs and the beach.

We decided that we loved Aeroplane Jelly so much but perhaps not all the calories so we decided to re-create our favourite Aeroplane Jelly image and print it on this gorgeous tea towel that will look fabulous in any kitchen.

Printed on a 50% Linen & 50% Cotton tea towel

Finished flat size 45cm (W) x 66cm (L)

These tea towels are hand-folded, and then beautifully tied with string and a Make Me Iconic tag

Designed in Australia & printed locally in Melbourne

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