ducky street tattoos - unicorns


So, diamonds are a girl's best friends, huh? Nah… but unicorns are! We have a whole bunch of them in oh-so-girly pastel colours. Let's ride a unicorn together, make some noise and magic! Our temporary tattoos set is kinda perfect for using as a party bag filler for the little ones. Your tiny princess will adore this set including rainbow, moon, wings, stars, clouds, and those colourful magic bottles!

Beauty tip: use tiny stars from the Unicorns tattoos set as awesome freckles tattoos or temporary beauty marks:

Tattoo sheet size - 15 x 21 cm

Skin safe and non toxic, made with professional combined technology temporary tattoos
Lasting on average 2-4 days

Do not let kids under 3 years old apply body stickers by themselves

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