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ducky street tattoos - ice creams


What’s better than ice cream on a sunny day, really? A lot of ice cream and gelatos, of course! But it’s so annoying when your favourite treat turns into a melted mess. Well, here’s a trick: choose one of our ice cream temporary tattoos, apply it to any area of your skin and enjoy the summery treat for up to 4 days!

We’ve designed these ice pops kids tattoos for those who love sweets and want everyone to know it. And our ice cream party favours are also perfect for children’s themed summer parties – get ready to turn on the holidays!

ice cream, ice pop, ice lolly, soft serve, food, strawberry, rainbow, watermelon ice cream

Designed by Katya Chernysheva

Tattoo sheet size - 15 x 21 cm

Skin safe and non toxic, made with professional combined technology temporary tattoos
Lasting on average 2-4 days

Do not let kids under 3 years old apply body stickers by themselves

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